Online Platform

Ten students to one tutor online classroom at Mainprice till you complete your studies.

Bricks & Mortar Platform

Our BM platforms (Brick and Mortar platforms)  are distributed franchises platforms across the globe where our global community meets up to learn together and hangout

What our Online and BM Platform entails

Online learning resources

Curriculum online learning resource are provided to our students and clients to equip them to gain digital skills

Offline learning resources

Offline learning resources are provided at our various bricks and mortar bootcamps 

Coffee Chat

Coffee chats at Mainprice are our daily  way of tech counselling our students and clients one on one on the tech industry and their tech career path 


Our October-November coding competition organized for our global community where a team of not less than 3 competes with each other

Home Quiz

Weekly assessment of our students and clients on the skills learnt during the week of lesson to track our students and clients learning progress